World's Ugliest Bathroom

Yes, it's true. We own one of the world's ugliest bathrooms. It's tiled-everywhere-in that ubiquitous 1940s Mamie Eisenhower PINK. With burgundy trim!
Ugh...Too bad my "before" pix live on my OLD hard-drive..before I discovered Picasa/the cloud. 
Trust me, it was awful.

When I say tile is everywhere, I mean halfway up the walls, totally encompassing the shower, and the floor, too. The floor is different though-it's done in hexagonal shaped tile. Same awful color though. 
Poor thing.
The walls were painted a dull, moss-meets-dirt green.Yes, you read that correctly-mossy GREEN. 
Peach and green can echo the eighties, but this 
was so...wrong, it hurt.

Even the ceiling was green! 
We have decided to move later this year, so our original plan-beadboard to cover all this pinkety-pink, new tile in the shower, new vanity and bamboo flooring-got scrapped. 
It would be fun to update, but it won't increase our bottom line in this market-so a total revamp became a cosmetic update.

Yea for paint !
 This was my Pinspiration photo via Real Simple

The walls, shelf and rod are now the same creamy white that the hallway/master bedroom are painted. 
Nice and neutral.

I found the perfect curtain fabric-a shower curtain at 
Pottery Barn, online and on sale , < $50.00

I had enough material to do short curtains and a table runner for the dining room :)

Hubby re-purposed an old headboard/storage thingy that he had made in college into a new shelf and curtain pole.  

 I redid hubby's old shabby chair 
( it used to be a plant holder) with off white stain and a swipe of walnut glaze.Had both of these already.

I added the wooden "S"  for Susan...OK, so it's also the initial of our last name. Cost me 2 bucks at Michael's.
I just Elmer-glued it on before I stained it all.

I found this fabulous sailboat watercolor at our local Opportunity Foundation-it's like a Goodwill, but serves people with developmental delays/issues. 
As a SpEd teacher, it's a place I like to support.

It is both numbered and signed; it's trendy with its greys and burnished, dulled gold frame-but what 
I love about it is it evokes my upbringing on 
Long Island: Thanksgiving at my aunt's home in Oyster Bay; sailing and fishing with my dad off of Babylon; the amazing smell of salt water coming off the Great South Bay...I can sense all of it when I glance at this delicate watercolor.
It was priced at a whopping $12.00, but it was also twenty percent off! Not bad for a trip through one's child/teenage/early adult-hood.

The room is much more user-friendly now. 
I'd like something else on the wall by the towels, 
but that's an ongoing project. 

For now, I am happy to be able to put on makeup in this light, bright space, minus the green tinge reflection from that wicked paint color.


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  1. You did great!!! I LOVE it! Thanks for inspiring me! You're the BESTEST!!! XO, Aimee

  2. That's definitely a tough pair of colors to work with but it looks goo. It's cute in vintagey way.

  3. Oooh, that's a rough color combination! But you did well at making it work much better!

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I've enjoyed reading about your projects here! I love your new door color :)