Before and After

Oregon-The Peony Palace

Front Yard Before
Front yard view over hill with Frankenweeds

The Dingo to the rescue!

After! No more Frankenweeds...and two thirds less grass.
Yes, our veggie garden is in the front yard-best use of space/sunshine.

The arbor was a new addition last spring-this year, we finished the pond.
Can't wait to fill it once the last freeze date passes ( that's in May here in OR)!

 Original front walkway
Walkway after-wider, lighter, easier to navigate

 Repurposed pavers line the walk on both sides, making it a bit more important. We used a cement stain to rid the pavers of their garish red color and make them blend in with the sidewalk.

 Summer, when the veggie garden is at its best

I always joke that we are living the series "Green Acres." 
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 Back yard jungle...believe it or not,there is a FENCE
between us and the trees!


 A closer view of the fountain, the Buddha, the hostas/ferns, and cranesbill.
This site gets mostly shade all day-only a little morning sun. 
The fountain is just a huge pot refitted with a solar pump and some landscaping rocks. It runs for hours after the sun goes down, too-it's awesome.

We've got three terraces beyond the arbor in back

Boomer loves to lay out on his pallet and rug in the warm weather.

The top terrace has shredded cedar and repurposed river rock; the middle one is planted with wildflowers-just a bag from Home Depot, but wow have they taken well-

Hubby's fave-Sunflowers

Re-purposing is important to us-while we bought the flagstone for
$75 via Craigslist, the rocks and the brick were dug
from other spots on the property.

 Sadly, we had to remove a beautiful but long-gone weeping birch that sat in the front by the dining room windows. We replaced it with a Mayday Tree-gorgeous white blooms in spring and berries that the bird enjoy. Pretty fall foliage, too.

Chandelier bird feeder-it was brass and only $5.00 at Habitat Restore; 
I took it apart, painted it, and now the birds love it .

Backyard fence-stuccoed cement block with lattice topper.
The lattice was found on sale last December for 8 dollars a sheet-they had exactly five; just what we needed! The chunky supports are from habitat restore-they were a whopping dollar a piece. Again, our sweat equity was much more of an investment than the cost of the materials.

Lots of work, but so worth it when it's all in bloom.
Namaste :)


  1. Thank you for sharing all the work you've done. Wonderful curb appeal. Lots of hard work, and it shows. Your house looks ready to sell now. What a change San Diego will be.....you'll be able to garden in a whole new zone :-)
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Loi, I cannot WAIT to garden in a zone with no winter ;)

  2. WoW!! Lots of heavy lifting has paid off. Great Job!