November Friendships

Gorgeous Fall Roses 

Christmas Blurb: I recently got the wish list from our school liaison for the homeless kids in our district. We have 55 homeless kids overall, and 23 are high-schoolers. They all need warm winter clothes/shoes :( 

 So, if you are buying your umpteenth useless stocking stuffer or yet another ugly sweater for Aunt Betty as you Christmas/Chanukah shop, please reconsider using that $$$ in another way this year. 

Every school district has homeless students; some will get help through various agencies, but most will do without things that most of us consider necessities.

                 If you feel the urge to help, that would be awesome.


Barn wood box with candles, leaves, pumpkins etc T-day 2012
We had a fun Thanksgiving; I cooked heaps of great food and we had a new friend at our table-Mrs. Mary M. She's 90, and has lived in our tiny town for more than thirty years! She still drives, and has all of her faculties and then some.

 I hope I can remember my NAME when I am ninety, lol.
Time sort of morphs around her and within her, but that's OK. She's great.

Hubby met her when she had come to the local sheriff's department looking for someone to help her turn her main electric switch back on. ( It's a SMALL town!)

Mark was in his office doing updates to servers on the weekend of the time change. As he was leaving to walk back home, he saw her in the parking lot and asked if he could help her-yes, he's that kind of guy-and she explained what she needed, so off they went.

Sadly, her hubby and friends are all gone; she's the only one left up here now. Her daughter lives in North Carolina, but Mary doesn't want to move there just yet. She doesn't have cable, internet, or a cell phone. She loves to read and listen to the radio. She cooks when she feels like it, she says :)

Mark proceeded to fix her electrical issue, and then connected a converter box to her TV and antenna. She drove him home, and Boomer and I got to meet her. After talking over tea, I invited her to T-day and she accepted.

She came over with a bolt of fabric, a jar of buttons, and her sweet personality.
I cut some of the fabric and made a quicky table cloth out of it-it was aqua, with pink and brown and had leaves and whatnot on it. While I am usually a white tablecloth kind of girl, this was fun.

My in-laws were here as well, and we all had a really fun time-Mary lived all over the world with her late Navy officer hubby, Kenny, and she told us great stories. She especially loved living in Spain, and she has the gorgeous flower pots to prove it!

Another highlight was when Mary found a dime in my kitchen and picked it up to give it to me. Since I have more than a few family members that have passed on, and Mary does, too, it almost brought me to tears.

For me, finding dimes is a weird, unexplainable thing that always happens
when I am missing my late husband Daz or my Mom. I have found them in
TX, NY, San Diego, OR, and in AUS.

I had just vacuumed the place before anyone arrived.
We throw all of our change in a jar...so yeah.
I don't try to explain it anymore-I just accept it.

Anyway, here's a link to all that nonsense: Finding Dimes

 In other big news, my daughter cooked her first turkey dinner sans mommy this year down in San Diego. Her beau, her brother, and her roommates and some of their families made it a memorable one. We skyped a bit during our dessert time, and Mary marveled at the technology. The stuff we take for granted, eh?

 Daughter will be visiting next week ,woohoo!
Haven't had my arms around her for almost a year!
We have lots of plans-theatre with me, snowboarding with Mark, and snuggling with Boomer.

We didn't take a lot of photos-usually I am the photo queen-but it's all good.
The battery was almost out ( see fuzzy pics), but what matters most is that we had a great time. We capped it all off with some on-line shopping and the movie Lincoln . The acting was amazing, and will surely garner a few Oscars.

And just because it's SO tasteless, yet so meaningful to me at the same time:


                                                 Love this :)

Hope your holiday was grand.


  1. What a sweet thing to invite Mary to spend Thanksgiving with your family. You're really good people.

    The story about dimes gives me chills. I had a day a few weeks ago where dimes kept appearing. All day long. It thought it was odd at the time, that it was a dime each time. I wonder when message I missed or who it was from?

    Hope you have a great time with your daughter!

  2. Mary sounds lovely and very interesting, Susan. I admire her strength and independence. That was so kind and thoughtful of you and Mark to include her for Thanksgiving! I loved reading all about your evening.

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter :)