Chinese Lunar New Year

House cleaned
Fridge and pantry full
Laundry done and put away

Oranges in their bowl
Fresh flowers adorning the hearth and in the kitchen ( hyacinths in water vases)
Kids gifted with $$$ and sweets

New purse ready to go-

Happy Year of the Snake!

The sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control. The snake also represents the ability to strike at will, quickly
and powerfully. My Mom was a snake-and she was all of this, and more.

I discovered Feng Shui back in 1998. My best friend and I found a Lillian Too book at an alternative kind of book store, and the rest is history. I always did practice it-I just never knew that it had a name! I have always been organized and anti-clutter. I sense when something isn't right in a room-and it nags at me until it is made right. Like Lady Gaga says, I was born this way.

While I have great fun with Feng Shui, somewhere in the afterlife universe,
Carl Sagan is spinning in a vortex over those of us who love science yet
practice superstitious rights and rituals like Feng Shui. Oh well, c'est la vie!

Donald Trump once said, "I don't believe in Feng Shui...but it works!"

I agree with him. I don't know the how or the why, but it works for me. 

BTW, in  Chinese Astrology, I am a fire monkey. how fun is that?

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year, Susan!! I'm with you and the Donald. Just can sense when something is out of balance! I'm a water rat :)
    PS: Have a Happy Valentine's Day, too.