Today has been far from stellar...for the third time, people "buying" our house have been denied/walked away close to the finish line. THREE times!
When this couple's loan was denied, we went to our lawyer and drafted a lease/purchase- at their request. Today, they decided not to take the "risk" of leasing to buy for the next two years.WTF?!!!!!
First world problem, but still. 
We WERE moving to San Diego on Nov 15th. We've craiglisted/sold furniture we knew wouldn't make the move with us. We had a skype session set for later tonight so we could meet the owners of our rental place in SD-the one with the orange trees out back and the ubiquitous palm tree out front...sigh. 
Wasn't she cute? So much gardening potential; built in the fifties...sigh.
Now, the cancelling of things/plans commences, deposits begged back, and the re-listing of the house-near the holidays- in winter no less-begins anew. UGH.
To counteract THAT news, Boomer had a lump removed yesterday-and it's  benign. YEA! They also cleaned his teeth while he was under anesthesia, so he will be back to his old super-model self in no time. 
 I have no idea how we will now trick ourselves into thinking it's all going to be fine in the end. 



  1. That's unbelievable! I'm so sorry. I would dig up that saint and give him a spanking. Don't people have to be prequalified for a loan before they can place an offer there? I would dig up that saint and give him a spanking.

    1. LOL I know St Joe is not pulling his weight...maybe because we are simply heathens and he's on to us!

      They WERE pre-qualified-but, as we have now learned, a pre-q letter means bumpkus. As stated at the end of the letter, "This letter does not constitute a commitment to lend." Their bank found some things on the old credit history that they didn't like and said NO.
      M and I have been through really awful things before, so this is more of a PITA than anything else, but still-enough already! I had already decorated that cute bungalow six different ways, and was ready to grow my own pomegranates!