Novemeber News 2013

Thanksgiving is in  25 days!

I'm big into one holiday at a time.
NO decorated trees before December 
in our house, thanks.

We saw "Enough Said" last night after an amazing dinner at a place called "Spork."

While I was engrossed in the storyline of the movie, during the Thanksgiving scene all I could concentrate on was the background: no one had coats on, car windows were rolled down, shrubbery and plants were blooming-yes, it took place in California, our future home.

I really thought we'd be in Cali by now-but it looks like Christmas is our new target date.

Strangely enough, as soon as we re-listed on FSBO after our last RE debacle, we had two couples who made us offers-one of which we accepted, and the other is our back up.

Now we start that rollercoaster of real estate paperwork once again, closing by Dec 17th.

Of course every time we sell, I hit up Craigslist to see what's available to rent. 
While these houses will probably be taken by the time all this plays out, 
here are a few fun ones I'd be happy to live in for a year or so:
mountain view home
A mid-century modern  built in '53 , photographed by someone with NO computer/photo skills, LOL
but oh that view! It's on the side of a mountain, and has NO updates. It's a time capsule of a place. 
I'll need some aluminum tumblers and whatnot for outdoor dining.

This place is another time warp-hello, 1980s! 
I like the kitchen window, though. The plastic verticle blinds, the oak cabinets and tile countertops? 
Not so much.  The fireplace is interesting -I could work with that.

A cutie barbie-house: tiny, but well kept, and in a great area. HUGE backyard yard that's nothing but dirt :( I don't understand people who don't garden. Even  as renters, we'll take care of the yard.

This is another oldie but goodie-not updated, but at least they've redone the hardwoods.
That weird thing on the wall is a gas fired heater. It's rarely used in SoCal, but someone thought that was a good idea back in the day. Obviously it was someone with zero decorating ability, LOL, b/c how on earth do you put furniture anywhere near that stupid thing? 

Like I said , these will probably be gone by mid December-but it's good to know that the market seems to always have something that would work for us. 

We'll keep at this until it works. :)

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  1. Hi Susan, I'm so happy that you have an offer and a back up offer! I too have been dealing with selling a house and the closing has been moved so many times, I've lost track. The first time it was due to the government shut down and the 2nd time it was due to banking issues for the buyer. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. We are now due to close on Dec. 2nd. Maybe December will be the month!