A ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah Miracle

We went to closing today.
On our house in OR.
The one we keep selling over and over ( four times to be exact).

Today, though, we FINALLY made it through a closing!
We signed our little hearts out, and the house is no longer ours.

The new people are like us-adult kids, gardeners, DIYers, work here in town ( hospital nurses)...
I think the house picked a great couple to pick up where we left off.

We leave for SoCal two weeks from Friday...woohoo!
LOTS to do now, and happy to be doing it.

This needs to be on someone's tree this year! LOL

The other cool thing about today was something my tenant (down in my old place in TX) said.

She told me that she has begun painting again ( her little boy had a childhood cancer that is now in remission; when he was sick she couldn't paint).
She said she has really felt an "artistic sense of spirit" that is uplifting and happy when she is in the house...wow.

While my late hubby was a banker by day, his first love was art, and he was doing a lot of webdesign in 2007. Art simply made his soul happy. It was nice to think that his happiness still lingers after all these years, and that his influence can still be felt.

Weird, but hey. It works for me.

While we won't be able to decorate this year, it doesn't matter-for Mark and I,
ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah just came early :)

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