Let's all be better than "good people," especially this time of year.
I've got a plan of action, but it doesn't count if I write it all out here.
Just remember to do something good for someone else this season, ok?

Good People

"From the kindness of my parents   
I suppose it was that I held   
that belief about suffering   

imagining that if only   
it could come to the attention   
of any person with normal   
feelings certainly anyone   
literate who might have gone   

to college they would comprehend   
pain when it went on before them   
and would do something about it   
whenever they saw it happen   
in the time of pain the present   
they would try to stop the bleeding   
for example with their own hands   

but it escapes their attention   
or there may be reasons for it   
the victims under the blankets   
the meat counters the maimed children   
the animals the animals   
staring from the end of the world"

Although, after seeing the Black Friday melees on the news, 
I've been doing the doggie-head-tilt "HUH????" re: Team Homo Sapiens. 

Great Caesar's Ghost, people! Really. Really? Really!


  1. I saw the one of people fighting at the mall. Seriously? The day right after giving thanks??!!!