We've moved from a 1600 square foot place-with a full daylight basement, so it doubled our space to 3000-into 1015 square feet. I feel like Goldilocks-our bed is too big, the water heater is too small, but overall, this place is just right. Especially the weather! 70s and sunshine?
Yes, thanks.

The view down our street

I'll be unpacking and whatnot until February, I'm sure. At least that's my target date to sort, purge, and find a home for all I hold dear. The rest is outta here! There's a great homeless program here that will be happy to take our excess. My husband will need some pushing coaxing  encouragement to let some of his older tools and whatnot go, but I'll help-mostly while he's at work.

What is this? I think it's a type of Iris...I have a CA book, just need to crack it open and look it up LOL

This is our interim home, until we purchase one in a year or so, so we aren't doing anything except decorating. The backyard is so blah, however, that the landlord said we can plant/do what we like back there. I'm trolling Craigslist to get what we can free/cheap and my challenge will be to make it fabulous-we do have a concrete patio and a few good trees to start with, so this will be fun.
Sunset from our backyard

Considering how isolated we were in OR, I am over the moon to have neighbors! One came by on Christmas with homemade cookies and home brewed beer. Boomer and I met Darla and her mom at the dog park one day-seems they live on our street, too.
The 1954 California Cutie ( its beige, not pink, really)

 Along with the purging of "stuff" we've dumped cable for Hulu and Netflix, replaced all the lighting with LED bulbs ( hint-don't buy soft white-it's code for "sickly, sallowish yellow;" get the daylight or blue spectrum bulbs if you don't want you/your house/guests to look ill ) and are really trying to stay a one car family. The trolley is a few blocks away, while the main drag is a few blocks south-a nice short walk to groceries/eateries/etc.

Pomegranates ( in JANUARY!) at the local charter school 

Sunset with crescent moon

I still feel like we're on vacation, 
and we'll have to pack soon to return to the much too long winter in OR. 
What a happy feeling to know that I am WRONG!


  1. Looks pretty nice to me...except the unpacking part. An iris in January seems so foreign!

  2. So happy for you! 70's in January would be heaven instead of my current single digits with a wind chill below zero!