Hello June


We've been in San Diego now for six months-and it's awesome. Expensive, but awesome.
Since we are in a rental there's not much house DIY going on-and believe me, I could be ripping out walls and reconfiguring this ridiculous kitchen if I had the budget and the landlord's permission.

Instead, I am purging our stuff with a nod to minimalism and simpler living. 

I've done  Project 333. It's awesome.

I also like the guidelines I found last year on Real Simple
They do a room-by-room synopsis of what you should keep/toss etc. When Mark and I first lived together, we realized had duplicates ( and even triplicates) of many things-and that made me want to toss all most of it. I kept enough to make working in the kitchen easier. 

Another mindset I like is to keep only one of things like lipstick, a nail file, a purse, etc. 
The theory behind this is to find the best thing that works for you, and then stop. 
While I will admit to two purses (one dressy and one crossbody)-and three lipsticks (one red, one pink one natural), I love the premise of one and DONE. 
So easy.  

Sicilian festival

Padres- Retro Jersey Night

We go to the dog beach as often as possible. 
Boomer loves it, and will be starting a doggie surf class this fall.  That should be hysterical.  
Boomer is used to the Highlander-we had a rental this weekend and he jumped right in the trunk when we were packing up to leave. Goober. 
(Mark was going back and forth to OR and CA work-wise at the time)

We have marched against Monsanto, laughed at Book of Mormon, eaten pizza at the Sicilian Festival in Little Italy, hiked and biked all over and can almost recite the entire SDMTS trolley/bus system by heart.  

At a recent art exhibit-Robert Henri - we got to dress up and the docent took our pic.
Proof that Mark kinda likes me? This photo. He is a TOTAl introvert, and I know that really inside, he is screaming, LOL.

View from Cabrillio

Hell NO, GMO!


Gardening here has been fun-everything grows all the time, so you have to be judicious. Water is a more precious commodity in SoCal with the drought  that's been lingering so planting in a raised bed for veggies and containers for flowers just makes sense. I don't want to put in anything I can't take with us either-so our lemon tree is in a huge pot out front. It's so cute! Should get lemons this year, too. We'll be adding avocado, pomegranate, and oranges as well. 


 After the cultural wasteland that was Central Oregon, this place is Shangri-La. 

I have found my people! "Healthcare plan" is my fave :)

In short, we love it here! My kids live in town and we get together when our schedules jive. Blogging is my online diary/scrapbook/etc. I just haven't been keeping it up lately-it's more fun to be out and doing instead of writing , I guess. :)

Hopefully I'll be teaching here next year, and then our home experiment will start-I really want to buy a piece of land and build our own small house ( 1000 square feet) semi-off grid.

Granola, goats and tie-dye, anyone?

Hope you are enjoying June and accepting all her gifts.

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun! You're right, so much to do, so little time...but glad you took the time to cherish those beautiful skies. Just lovely!